Bodyfence X- The Latest PPF Generation

The Paint Protection Film industry continues to grow. As the automotive industry becomes more aware of this protective technology, the further the innovation advancement reaches. Hexis’ Bodyfence is renowned for sitting at the pinnacle of the industry as they push the boundaries on what is possible.  The launch of Bodyfence X marks a new chapter in the world of paint protection film.

The new X technology incorporates improvements to the performance of both application and protection. The transparent film now possesses the ability to heal in ambient temperatures, removing the need of heating. Combining this improved self-healing capability with a greater scope of conformability, Hexis have created a PPF film that will cater to a wider variety of automotive applications.

When applying a protective coating to a vehicle, it is vital to know that the vehicle will not suffer aesthetically. The optically clear film produces a high-gloss finish, instantly enhancing the appearance of the paintwork. Hydrophobic properties repel water from the films surface, creating a beautiful beading effect and avoiding dreaded water marks. These properties make it much more difficult for dirt to adhere to the surface, keeping the vehicle looking fresher for longer.

How do I get started?

We hold a close relationship with Hexis and are strong advocates of their UK training facility based in Lichfield. Their Bodyfence training courses cover all the most important aspects when installing PPF. From basic to advanced techniques, the certified trainers are there to help you get started on this new journey.

Based in Belfast, we consistently hold stock of Bodyfence PPF. As the market continues to grow, so will demand. We are perfectly posed to help you meet this demand! Partnered with great service, you are never too far from getting started into an ever-growing market.