Destroy Coronavirus with Hexis Purezone Anti-Microbial Laminate

After months of social distancing, practising good hygiene and reminiscing about the last, ice cold pint you had, the world is starting to feel like it is getting back to “normal”. Hexis Purezone has been an extremely popular product during this time as people search for ways to keep their environments as safe as possible.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this anti-microbial laminate is a new innovation to the market. Launched in 2013, Hexis have been continuously improving this product in the fight against bacteria. With a success rate of 99.99%, Purezone has continued to be the stand-out, anti-microbial laminate within the industry. Used widely within schools, nurseries, hospitals and care homes, this clear lamination film has built a reputation for maintaining a hygienic environment through combating bacteria.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hexis placed the Purezone laminate under increased testing to evaluate its credibility against coronaviruses. Meeting the ISO21702 standard, this clear, cast laminate proved to eliminate 99.87% of coronavirus presence within one hour. From door handles to office desks, if you touch it, Purezone laminate is perfect for it.

Understanding the Science of Anti-Microbial Laminate

We don’t claim to be biomedical scientists- we’ll leave that job title to the boffins in the Hexis laboratories. However, understanding the basic principle behind the technology embedded within this revolutionary laminate does not require a university education and fancy lab coat!

When exposed to moisture (moisture within the air is adequate), this film releases silver ions to combat bacteria and coronaviruses. The silver ions will penetrate the cell wall, binding with proteins to interfere with cell duplication, enzyme function and the production of energy. This process destroys the bacteria/virus, leading to a more hygienic environment.

Studies suggest that silver ions are capable of destabilising biofilms, preventing them from spreading. Biofilms are a community of bacteria embedded within a protective polysaccharide matrix. Eliminating biofilm involves reducing its microbial load through concentrated cleaning and hygienic measures to prevent their build up. Silver ions can be utilised to vastly reduce the reformation of biofilm, creating a more controlled environment.

Is this material suitable for you?

This material is a perfect opportunity for our customer base with experience of vinyl applications. Whether you decide to laminate a print or fit directly to the substrate, the skills that you have developed over years in the print and signage industries will transfer across to this anti-microbial laminate.

As we slowly move back to a world where we can all be within the office environment to the same extent as the pre-COVID world, one thing we have learnt during this pandemic is the impact a virus can have upon normal business operations. Putting greater hygiene measures in place is not just in the interest of maintaining health but will safeguard the business from a loss of productivity. In this case, selling the concept of an anti-microbial film to large offices should be a much easier task among your customer base.

Speak to a member of our team today to find out how you can expand your product offering to feature this in-demand anti-microbial solution.