Evolution Of Paint Protection Film

There are many avenues when it comes to paint protection. From ceramic coating to Paint Protection Film (PPF), many installers have tended to sit within one camp or another. With the developments in PPF technology growing rapidly, the popularity of this optically clear film is skyrocketing!

Paint Protection Film was first designed with the intention of assisting the U.S. Department of Defence during the Vietnam War. Having sustained damage to Helicopter rotor blades, a polyurethane protective tape known as “heli-tape” was developed.

To carry this solution towards the consumer market and transition to the automotive industry, manufacturers placed focus upon creating a glossier and more aesthetically pleasing option. Today, the paint protection film industry is booming, with car enthusiasts recognising the obvious benefits these high gloss, polyurethane films offer regarding protection and durability.

Who is PPF for?

A common misconception is that PPF is designed solely for high-end vehicles. While it is an easy sell to someone driving a £350,000 Lamborghini, these car owners are not the only people passionate about protecting their vehicles from nasty surprises. From Lorry Drivers to Motorcyclists, the benefits of paint protection film attract a wide variety of vehicle owners, boosting the opportunity offered by this growing industry.

We are contacted regularly by professionals throughout Ireland about getting involved with PPF. Many of these individuals are current customers due to our access to Hexis cast wrapping films. Despite the different application techniques, many of the skills involved with vehicle wrapping and window tinting can be transferred to PPF installation. Along with professionals from these industries, we are seeing increasing interest from Detailers due to the enhanced protection PPF offers than their current ceramic coating services.

We are often asked about PPF training courses designed to help installers gain a better knowledge of what is involved in the installation process. Having built a strong relationship with Hexis, we recommend the Hexis Academy based in Lichfield, UK. As a supplier of Hexis’ Bodyfence X Paint Protection Film, we have had numerous customers attend these courses, all of which have found the experience invaluable.

Advances in PPF Technology

During the early years when PPF was used for protecting rotor blades, the appearance of the film was not a priority and the film appeared opaque. Obviously today this wouldn’t be an appealing material for someone to cover their car in. Thankfully, major developments have been made in the appearance and application of PPF.

Hexis’ Bodyfence X is the latest addition to their PPF range. Having been manufactured off the back of it’s Bodyfence predecessor, the X technology features a glossier finish with greater levels of conformability. Featuring self-healing properties under ambient conditions, this paint protection film is proof of the investment Hexis have committed to developing the ultimate PPF. Previously we have spoken with installers who have experienced yellowing with PPF alternatives, an issue Hexis are confident is not a factor with Bodyfence X, offering a lifetime warranty against yellowing and cracking.

Bodyfence X PPF Templates

As if the improvements to the material itself wasn’t enough proof to the progress made within the industry, templating of vehicles allows installers to remove the need of a blade during the installation process. This service has proven a real confidence builder among installers, especially when the purpose of PPF is to remove the risk of damage.

Due to our close relationship with Hexis, we have access to their full templating service and can often work out more cost effective. While we offer installers the option to buy rolls of Bodyfence X, we are very open with the benefits that templating can offer their service. With a quick turnaround on 1,000’s of vehicle templates, our customers can provide accurate lead times while producing a high value service.

If you are looking to find out more on how Hexis Bodyfence X Paint Protection Film can benefit your business, get in touch with our team today!