Hexis Bodyfence XM: Taking Paint Protection Film to the Next Level

At Alphagraphics, we are continually on the lookout for innovative and high-quality products. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce Hexis Bodyfence XM, the latest addition to the Hexis Graphics range of premium paint protection films (PPF). Building on the success of the industry-renowned Bodyfence X PPF, the new Bodyfence XM combines the existing unrivalled protection qualities while introducing an exquisite matt finish that will turn heads on the road.

Unparalleled Protection

Hexis Bodyfence XM is designed to shield your vehicle from the hazards of daily driving, preserving its pristine appearance for years to come. Just like its predecessor, Bodyfence X, this cutting-edge film is made from a self-healing polyurethane material, possessing remarkable self-regeneration properties, ensuring that minor scratches and scuffs vanish when exposed to ambient conditions. Whether it’s road debris, shopping trolley and car door mishaps, or environmental contaminants, Bodyfence XM acts as a robust barrier to protect your vehicle’s paintwork, preserving the resale value for when you’d like to change things up.

Enhanced Durability

Bodyfence XM is the latest building block in the Bodyfence range featuring X Technology. X technology was engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, UV rays (Ireland’s maybe not the worst location for this), and even chemical exposure. The film acts as a second skin, guarding the vehicle from fading, discoloration, and damage caused by sun exposure, corrosive substances and other external aggressions. With Bodyfence XM, you can maintain your vehicle’s showroom finish, regardless of what mother nature has to throw at it.

Captivating Matt Finish

We’ve always received excellent praise about the high-gloss finish of Bodyfence X, so naturally we couldn’t wait for this smooth matt finish to be released to the market. The eye-catching matt finish, elevates the aesthetics of your vehicle to a new level. While the glossy finish of the Bodyfence X will likely continue to be the front runner in terms of volume, matt finishes are gaining popularity for their unique and sophisticated appearance (even among OEM paintwork), especially with high value vehicles. This provides the perfect market conditions for PPF installers to maximise their services.

Seamless Installation

At Alphagraphics, we are committed to sourcing products that enhance Installer experience without compromising on end result, and Hexis Bodyfence XM is no exception. We’ve heard from numerous customers about just how installer-friendly Bodyfence X is. The improved conformability and availability of wider rolls ensures that no vehicle is left unprotected. Bodyfence XM continues in the same vein, maximising the installer’s control to ensure they can achieve the optimum finish.

As the Paint Protection Film market continues to grow, we are seeing installers from a wide variety of industries delving into PPF. Wrappers, Sign-Makers (commercial graphics/wraps) and Detailers tend to have the existing customer base to expand their offering into the PPF industry seamlessly. With each approaching Paint Protection Films with a slightly different skillset, we want to insure each installer can develop the necessary skills to confidently install these high value films.

Catering to those with less confidence with cutting self-adhesive films on/near vehicles, Hexis have invested in their own templating software, Matmak. Developed in Dubai, this software has been built from the ground up to produce a vast library of vehicle templates. The introduction of this new software opens avenues for more inexperienced installers while providing an alternative, lower risk installation option to seasoned installer.

Whether you’re an experienced installer or interested in offering a new service, we’re here to offer the support needed to maximise your performance. As distributors of Bodyfence X in both gloss and matt finishes, we hold the strongest stock throughout Ireland to support PPF installers in maximising their potential.

Discover the unmatched protection and captivating matt finish of Hexis Bodyfence XM. Visit our website (https://ag-ni.com/) today to learn more and order your film today.