Importance of Colour Accuracy within Pharmaceuticals

Achieving colour accuracy often has a greater impact than solely brand perception. Within the pharmaceutical industry, colour inconsistencies can have safety implications.

As industries such as the pharmaceutical industry develop at rapid pace, manufacturers experience enhanced pressure to meet strict quality control tolerances. While medicine has advanced at great rates, the evolution of colour within the industry has grown in importance. As consumers of both over-the-counter and prescription drugs often identify products according to their colour, implementing colour management solutions throughout the supply chain goes beyond as aesthetic issue.

X-Rite colour management solutions provide a wide variety of industries the ability to address strict tolerances within the supply chain. The communication of spectral data throughout manufacturing and packaging processes has both immediate and long-term benefits.


  • Eliminate visual discrepancies caused by poor lighting conditions.
  • Maintain brand value through achieving a consistent output.
  • Reduce wastage and delays caused by inconsistent colours.
  • Enhanced quality control measures.
  • Establish a common language for communicating colour among suppliers.

Utilising the industry-leading hardware and software developed by X-Rite, manufacturers are equipped with the right tools to meet the sensitive tolerances required within the Life Science industries.