Importance of Colour Accuracy within Pharmaceuticals

We often take the world of colour for granted without considering how complex it really is! In reality, the colour spectrum is so vast that describing a colour perfectly is an almost impossible task without the right tools. “How green is your green?”, “How black is your black?” – working with this level of communication is a sure-fire way of getting your customers’ demands way off!

While this can be frustrating in a branding capacity, in the pharmaceutical world it can have far more severe implications. As industries such as the pharmaceutical industry develop at a rapid pace, manufacturers experience enhanced pressure to meet strict quality control tolerances. While medicine has advanced at great rates, the evolution of colour within the industry has grown in importance. As consumers of over-the-counter drugs often identify products according to their colour, implementing colour management solutions throughout the supply chain goes beyond an aesthetic issue.

Medicines can be easily identified by their colour. Taking the complex medical terminology out of the equation simplifies how consumers differentiate between drugs.

Utilising instruments known as spectrophotometers allow manufacturers to measure the colour of medicines with high degrees of accuracy. Producing spectral data in the form of L.A.B. values allows clear communication to take place between functions, reducing the number of sub-standard products entering into the supply chain.

Consider yourself opening a packet of Lemsip tablets- we all recognise the red and yellow tablets for helping us through when we are feeling a bit poorly. What if you opened the packet and the red part of tablet appeared pink? Would it cross your mind that something may be wrong with the tablet? Maybe it has expired! Or, it could be perfectly fine and there was simply an issue during production when adding the right colour to the tablet. Getting the colour right can eliminate this concern from your customers’ mind!

X-Rite Lead The Way In Colour

If you deal with colour, you’ll know of X-Rite’s sister company, Pantone. Pantone is known globally for their swatch books displaying a vast range of colours. X-Rite produce much more accurate solutions for communicating and identifying colours. Their industry-leading spectrophotometers are used in a wide variety of industries including, medical, aerospace, print, computing and many more.

Used throughout the production process, from concept to shelf, these high-end colour measurement devices allow manufacturers to assess a variety of factors including lighting and optical brighteners. Through integrating these solutions throughout the production process, manufacturers can quickly identify the causing factor of discrepancies, reducing wastage and leading to a more efficient production line.

Learn how light can impact how colour is perceived and how X-Rite’s colour management instruments tackle this problem.

The Right Instrument For You

Not every device is suitable for every industry and identifying the right device can be a minefield! Our team of Colour Specialists work closely with you to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Listening to what you are looking to achieve and the intricacies of your product allows our team to identify the exact solution to suit your needs.

Whether you are measuring a tablet or a liquid medicine, our team will investigate a range of factors that will ensure you maximise how you measure colour and enhance the level of communication throughout the company.

If you’re interested in hearing how we can help in removing colour discrepancies from your company, get in touch today and find out the immediate and long-term benefits of our X-Rite colour management solutions.