Introducing the Alpha Academy- Vehicle Wrap Training

January 2022 marked a new milestone in the 35-year history of Alphagraphics. The Alpha Academy opened its doors to the first participants of our 1-to-1 Vehicle Wrap Training. While we have held irregular training days in the past through our partnership with Hexis Graphics, we wanted to create an environment that installers throughout Ireland could visit to develop their application techniques of self-adhesive films in the most efficient manner.

We regularly talk to sign makers and vehicle wrappers about their pain points and training courses are often a topic of concern. Group training courses are a great way for maximising the duration of the course but must cater to the ability of the least experienced installer. While greater exposure can be advantageous, we wanted to create a more tailored approach, broken down into more individual-focused 90/180min sessions.

Why Choose the Alpha Academy?

Vehicle wrapping is a complex skill to master, and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Our 90min sessions allow you to target the issues you are experiencing, allowing you to progress more efficiently. By purely focusing on your chosen areas, our certified trainer has the techniques at hand to eradicate any problem areas. Structured on the 1-to-1 basis, each participant receives the opportunity to interact directly with our trainer without interruption.

We’ve partnered up with Wrap Masters Ireland to build the highest quality training experience at the Alpha Academy. Mike is highly experienced in vehicle wrapping and has trained installers throughout Ireland over the years. With first-hand experience of running his own signage and vehicle wrapping company, Mike is a realist in his approach to wrapping. This experience helps him connect with installers and address their problems in the most practical approach.

As the world of vehicle wrapping has evolved, so has installers’ understanding of effective techniques. The Alpha Academy’s short and focused structure helps installers of all abilities in developing valuable techniques that reduces failures, leading to a happier wrapping experience.

What Is Covered?

The Alpha Academy aims to build confidence among installers across a wide variety of applications. From tackling deep recesses to matching up wall graphics, our premises has the facilities to demonstrate a wide variety of techniques.  As the Academy continues to develop, we will widen the scope of applications to ensure installers of all abilities have access to the highest quality vehicle wrap training.

What material will be used?

We ensure participants are working with the correct material specific to the application. By working closely with brands such as Hexis, Neschen and Decal, we have access to materials suitable for various applications. Incorporating films such as the Hexis HX20000 range within the training enables you to practise new techniques without risking damage to your own material.

How do I get involved?

Our customers are loving the format of the Alpha Academy and sessions are filling up fast. You can book your session through our website or by giving us a call. Once booked, we will be in touch to take note of what exactly you want to cover so once your session starts you can get stuck right in! Click here to book your session now and tackle those issues your experiencing.