Emblem Ultra Gloss “Glass” Laminate

  • 250 micron, polyester laminate
  • Ultra high gloss “glass-like” finish
  • Widely used for high quality photography and prints
  • High scratch resistance
  • Dry wipe properties
  • PVC-free
  • Transparent, permanent acrylate adhesive

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Blow your customers’ mind with this ultra gloss laminate from Emblem. This glass-like, polyester laminate offers excellent levels of transparency to give a unrivalled level of gloss. Effective at transforming dull images into jaw-dropping graphics, this 250 micron film is often used as an alternative to mounting reverse printed images onto glass, making this material the perfect application for high quality photographs and prints.

The coated surface acts as a protective coat allowing for a high scratch resistance and barrier against many cleaning agents and solvents. Whether your clients are looking for a ultra gloss laminate or are looking to tick the sustainability  box, this PVC-free lamination caters to both camps.

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