Hexis SKYFALL Automotive Window Tint

  • Automotive window tint
  • Protects against heat, rejecting up to 43% of solar energy.
  • Protection against UV rays.
  • Durability of up 10 years
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Roll Size: 1520mm x 30mtr

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SKYFALL is one of the latest additions to the Hexis automotive film range. Developed in France by the Hexis R&D team, the SKYFALL window tint range strikes a balance between efficiency and performance. This film has been produced without the presence of metals to ensure no interference with mobile phones, GPS or radio signals. Thanks to the anti-scratch coating, this film is designed to perform in the long-term, with a durability of up to 10 years. Rejecting up to 43% of solar energy, this automotive window tint is perfect for keeping vehicle interior cool, even in the peak of summer.