Olfa Art Knife Pro

Olfa AK-4 Art Knife Pro

  • Olfa Ak-4 Art Knife Pro  
  • Professionals Art Knife  
  • Turn your knife into a wand with perfect balance and accuracy  
  • Ultimate comfort  
  • 2 x Olfa Precision Blade KB4-S included  
  • 1 x Chisel Art Blade KB4-F included  
  • 1 x Curved Carving Blade KB4-R included

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Olfa AK-4 Premium Art Knife 

Comfort and precision in the AK-4 Art Knife Pro which is designed to feel like a wand; perfectly balanced for accuracy and stability.

Cushioned rubber grip to ease the strain over large weeding jobs – absorbing pressure whilst ensuring accuracy.

Accompanied with the AK-4 Art Knife Pro is 3 styles of KB blade;