X-Rite SpectraLight QC

  • Premium light booth providing most accurate daylight simulation available.
  • Up to 7 light sources, more than any other light booth on the market.
  • Built in sensors to monitor and correct UV output.
  • Complies with ISO: 3664, 3668, 13076, 23603, AATCC: EP9, ASTM: D1729, SAE: J361, DIN: 6173, CIE: S012/E, 51.2, and BSI: BS 950 Pt.2

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Offering consistency during visual assessments, the SpectraLight QC features 7 light sources including dimmable filtered-tungsten halogen daylight and optional LED. The ability to observe colour under dynamic lighting conditions makes the SpectraLight QC the ideal visual assessment tool to reduce non-conforming goods, improving upon overall product quality.

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