Irish Print Awards 2022- Alphagraphics’ Young Talent Strikes Gold

The 2022 edition of the Irish Print Awards was extra special to us at Alphagraphics. As the regular sponsor of the Print Media Apprentice award, we strongly believe in investing in the upcoming talent of the Irish print industry.

Our very own Ink Technician, Matthew McCracken is evidence of the outstanding talent coming through the industry, having picked up the award for the Level 3 Print Media Apprentice. Selected independently by Ian Cairns of Belfast Metropolitan college, Matthew has demonstrated his passion and ability for the print industry, producing inks based on customers’ requirements while also providing technical support throughout Ireland.

Seeing the commitment made by print companies throughout Ireland to the next generation provides great confidence in what the future holds for the industry. With Lee Bradley of Northside Graphics (Level 1) and Thomas Branigan of the Irish Defence Forces (Level 2), also picking up awards for their dedication to furthering their knowledge and experience, it is great to see young talent being nurtured to provide value within the print environment.

Being a distributor of print supplies, we understand the technical knowledge that is required in order to select the best products for the job. From choosing between monomeric and polymeric digital printing films, to knowing the correct specification of printing blankets, we train our staff throughout the business to ensure knowledge is passed from one generation to the next. Without proper training, knowledge can be lost from a business leading to both operational and customer support issues. We are proud of our employee retention track record and ensure a close working relationship between our most experienced staff and our younger team members, who can use these interactions to build upon their own skillset.

The Irish Print Awards are a great reminder at the talent we have throughout the print industry. Through passing knowledge from one generation to the next it is clear that the industry will continue to develop, producing higher value and greater opportunities for years to come.

Managing Director, Wesley Moody, speaks at the Irish Print Awards about our support for the Print Media Apprentice awards and celebrating the successes of Irish print industry.