The World of Digital Printing Films- What are the differences?

Digital printing films are widely used by printers and sign-makers for creating eye-catching signs and graphics, but not all films are created equal! Understanding how these films differ can be the difference between a profitable company producing high value projects regularly and a company struggling with material failure and disappointed customers. Monomeric, polymeric, and cast digital printing films each have their own unique properties and benefits that make them well-suited for different types of applications.

Monomeric Digital Printing Films

Monomeric digital printing films are made from a single layer of PVC, making them a cost-effective option for short-term graphics. They are ideal for indoor signs, window graphics, and promotional displays. However, monomeric films are not as durable as polymeric or cast films and may not hold up well in outdoor environments or against heavy wear and tear.

When it comes to producing short-term signage, your customers are going to pummel you for the best pricing. Utilising monomeric digital printing films for the correct applications can keep you competitively priced while still turning a profit.

If you’re looking to produce short-term signage using a monomeric that isn’t going to break your heart, check out the Hexis V3000WG1 and the Neschen Solvoprint EasyDot Matt.

Neschen EasyDot is an industry leading dot-shaped adhesive, vastly reducing install time due to it’s super user-friendly nature. The dot-shaped pattern allows installers to drive out air with ease while still offering the opportunity to reposition the vinyl, making this the perfect option for both beginner and experienced installers.

Applying vinyl does not get easier thanks to the Neschen Easy Dot adhesive. Try it for yourself to see why sign-makers love it so much!

Polymeric Digital Printing Films

Polymeric digital printing films, on the other hand, are made from multiple layers of PVC, which makes them more durable and resistant to fading and weathering. They are ideal for outdoor signs, vehicle graphics, and long-term promotional displays. They are also more expensive than monomeric films due to the higher quality plasticisers used throughout production.

With a wider range of applications suitable for polymeric films, there tends to be a much wider scope of finishes available. Our best-selling series of polymeric digital print media is the Hexis V200 range. Available with a white or clear face film, this series of printable self-adhesive vinyl is known by printers and sign-makers throughout the industry for being extremely stable during printing.

A common pain-point faced during printing is the experience of rippling vinyl. This is often caused by moisture impacting upon the film’s release liner.  Ripples within the vinyl can lead to head strikes, causing wasted material and additional production time to reprint. Due to the 145grm silicone-coated PE liner, the Hexis V200WG1 is a favourite among Irish printers and sign makers, giving them the peace of mind that this polymeric digital print media has their back.  

Suitable for a wide variety of applications the Hexis V200 range is perfect for long-term graphic installs such as this striking window graphic.

Cast Digital Printing Films

Cast digital printing films are made from a single layer of cast PVC, giving them a higher level of flexibility and conformability than monomeric or polymeric films. They are ideal for wrapping irregular surfaces and curved vehicles. Due to the premium results that can be obtained, these films are more expensive than their monomeric and polymeric alternatives.

In a bid to push down the price of cast, many manufacturers are offering “hybrid” options. To us, these films are still calendared options and do not fit the bill of a cast material. Pushing these materials into recesses can cause issues if pushed too far. To ensure quality, installers should utilise a true cast material when completing full printed wraps. Using a true cast digital print like the Hexis HX190WG2 and THE190EVO, provides installers the confidence that the material is capable of the tackling deep recesses for a long lasting result.

When choosing a digital printing film for your next project, it’s important to consider the intended use and duration of the graphic. Monomeric films are a cost-effective option for short-term graphics, while polymeric films are more durable and suitable for outdoor use. Cast films are the most flexible and conformable option, ideal for wrapping irregular surfaces and curved vehicles. At Alphagraphics, we hold a wide range of digital printing films, ready to supply throughout Ireland on a next-day basis. If you are looking for more information on what film is right for you, get in touch with our team today.